Compliance Audits

Compliance AuditIRS tax audits are triggered by errors, omissions, complex transactions and random selections. It often takes a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) to resolve an audit or tax inquiry. Protect yourself from the financial burden and emotional stress of a tax audit and inquiries from the IRS or state tax authorities with compliance audits from My Accounting Center. Please read on to learn more about our compliance auditing services.

Our Free Audit Protection financial audits provide tax audit coverage for up to 3 years after filing your corporate and personal tax return. If you are audited or receive inquiry letters, our CPA Advisors will represent you and defend your IRS and/or state tax return. Free Audit Protection covers up to $5000 of CPA Advisor Fees to defend your tax return with the IRS or with state tax authorities on your behalf.

Free Audit Protection does not cover amended returns (if needed) or any additional taxes, penalties, or interest that may be imposed as a result of the audit or from intentional fraud.

Entity Compliance Review

An analysis to ensure that your existing “C” or “S” Corporation has the basic minimum essential elements within the corporate operations, and will not violate IRS Regulations or become the subject of an IRS Audit.

  • All minutes are current
  • All resolutions are current
  • Complete set of tax agreements
  • Payroll has been established
  • Client understands the importance of compensation issues & Accountable Reimbursement Plan vs. Non-accountable Plan

Corporate Book Review
An analysis to ensure that the corporation has:

  • Corporate Book & Seal
  • Articles of Incorporation
  • Signed By-Laws (Specific)
  • Initial Formation Minutes
  • Monthly Minutes
  • Annual Minutes
  • Issued Corporate Stock
  • Filed Stock with Department of Corporations
  • Filed Statement of Information
  • Active Status with Secretary of State
  • Employment Agreements
  • Buy-Sell Agreements

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