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Human Resources ManagementNeed human resources management services? Let My Accounting Center help. Our HR management personnel can help you develop the employee manuals and agreements that your business needs. We look forward to provide custom-tailored solutions for your company - please read on.

As an HR outsourcing company, we can match your company with one of our human resources management professionals. He or she will help you develop a written employee manual, office manual, employee agreements and independent contractor agreements. Trust My Accounting Center for the HR personnel who will help your workplace run seamlessly.

Some of the Contents usually included in an Office Manual are:
Table of Contents
Welcome Letter from the President
Company History
Company Objectives/Mission
Statement of Commitment to Employees
Organization Chart
Continuity of Policies Right to Change or Discontinue
Acknowledging Receipt of Policy Manual
Employment Policies
Employee Selection Process
Employment Eligibility Verification- Form I-9
Immigration Law Compliance
Equal Opportunity
New Hire
Return to Work after Serious Injury or Illness
Employee Orientation
Confidentiality of Company Information
Conflict of Interest
Medical Evaluations and Interviews
Disability Accommodation
Outside Employment
Grievance Procedure
Gratuities to Government Employees or Officials
Gratuities to Customer or Supplier Representation
Employment Status & Records
Anniversary Date and Reinstatement
Employment Classifications
Consent to Release Information
Background Checks
Authorization to Provide Information
Performance Improvement
Job Descriptions
Equal Pay
Employee Benefits
Workers' Compensation Insurance
Sick or Personal Leave
Jury Duty
Bereavement Leave
Health Insurance
Health Benefits Continuation (COBRA)
Break Room
Employee Recognition
Payroll Deductions
Overtime Compensation
Workplace Guidelines
Record Retention
Disposing of Consumer Information
Employer Safety
Injured On the Job
Emergency Instructions
Employee Privacy
Workplace Search Policy
Meal and Rest Periods
Non-Business or Social Visits
Emergency Closings
Cell Phone Policy
Telephone Use
Medical Leave of Absence
Family Leave, Parental Leave and Pregnant Employees
Family Leave
Pregnant Employees
Code of Conduct
Substance Abuse
Drug Alcohol Policy
Drug Testing
Dress Code
Sexual Harassment
Workplace Violence
Workplace Emergency Plan

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