New Business Development

New Business DevelopmentForming a new business takes a lot of hard work, determination, and productivity. Like many, you may be confused about how and where to start. At My Accounting Center Inc., we can assist you with all your new business formation questions and concerns. My Accounting Center is equipped to provide the new business development services needed to put your business plan into action. Our company will match you with a business development accountant who will provide start-to-finish assistance from pre-formation to post-formation.

New Business Formation

One of our new business development accountants will help draft a business plan, determine your starting capital, file all required local and state permits and licenses, set up a payroll account for employees, provide assistance with understanding local and state employment laws and more. We'll then help you form your entity with our "Small Business Reorganization Planning Model" , assist throughout the formation process by filing all necessary documents with your state and all related paperwork. During the post-formation process, we'll work directly with you to ensure you submit all forms and tax documents and that you complete the next important steps in setting up payroll services, salary and compensation amounts, accountable reimbursement plans, and begin enjoying the benefits of operation in a corporate structure. From new business development strategy to implementation, business setup is easy with My Accounting Center.

Because there are many tasks that come along with forming a new business, we are here to provide a number of services that may assist you. Some of our services include:

  • Drafting a business plan, which will describe your business objectives, strategies, and market and financial forecasts
  • Determining your starting capital
  • Identifying your potential capital investors
  • Filing for all your required local and state permits and licenses
  • Setting up a payroll account for your employees
  • Helping you understand local and state employment laws
  • Creating a Partnership Agreement if more than one party is involved

Get started with your new business formation here!

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