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Feb 2015

Watch Out for Tax Scams

Don’t you just love tax season? Ok, so we kind of do, we are an accounting firm after all, but we know it’s not exactly the time of year you look forward to. ………

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jan 2015

Do You Know What Actually Happens When You Don’t Pay Taxes?

We know what happens when celebrities don’t pay their taxes. They get all their money taken away and/or go to jail. But this is usually the case after owing millions of dollars. We’re not really in the same boat, but not paying your taxes does have consequences. ………

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Nov 2014

Helpful Bookkeeping Tips for Your Small Business

As a small business owner, you don’t necessarily have the budge to hire an accountant. Outsourcing to a business accounting firm, like My Accounting Center, is cheaper than hiring an accountant in-house, but when you’re getting started, that may not be something you want to do just yet. ………

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