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Tax CenterConfused about your taxes? Need to know about this year's tax rates? Not sure where to start on tax questions? The personnel of My Accounting Center's Tax Center are here for you. Unlike other California tax centers, we provide a complete roster of start-to-finish services designed to make tax time simple. Please read on to learn more.

Our income tax center portal is completely free - just create an account, log in and communicate with our staff about your specific needs and requirements. Additionally, you'll be working with our dedicated accountants, bookkeepers and financial services professionals - all of whom have years of experience and understand how to provide a solution to your concerns

Tax Refunds
It is that time of year again and you have already filed your taxes. You are expecting a refund, but you are not sure where it is and when you will be receiving it. Use the links below to check the status of your refund.

Paper refunds : Issued usually within 4-8 weeks
Direct deposit refunds : Issued usually within 2-3 weeks
E-File refunds : Issued usually within 3-4 weeks
For Federal Refunds, please click here.

IRS Audit IRS has recently started to increase their efforts to review S Corporations and partnerships while their other activities involving small business and large corporations remained relatively stable. Their business numbers reflect that they have placed more emphasis in the growing area of these flow-through returns involving S corporations and partnerships:

  • Audits of S corporation returns increased to 13,984 from 10,417, a 34% increase. This is the highest level since 2000.
  • For partnerships, audits of these flow-through returns increased to 9,777 from 8,489, a 15% increase. This category is at the highest level since 1998.
  • Audits of small businesses organized as corporations remained about the same. 17,871 audits were completed in 2006, up slightly from 17,858 in 2005. Both of these figures are more than double the 7,294 audits of small businesses in 2004.
  • Audits of larger corporations – those with assets over $10 million – dipped by 2.2%, to 10,591 from 10,829 in 2005. While down slightly this year, audits remain up nearly 50 percent from 2003.

Please visit the IRS newsroom to read more about their efforts.

Please feel free to contact us now so we can help you verify your corporation status.

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